The Black Tux vs Menguin vs Men's Wearhouse vs Generation Tuxedo Sites Reviewed
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The Black Tux vs Menguin vs Men's Wearhouse vs Generation Tuxedo Sites Reviewed

All four suit and tuxedo rental companies are about the same. They offer an easy way to choose and rent tuxedos and suits, plus accessories like shoes, cufflinks and neckties. Men’s Wearhouse has many retail stores where customers can just walk in and get measured and rent a tuxedo. Prices are about the same and they all offer a good choice of suits and tuxedos.
Covered in this report
The Black Tux — Best Features
The Black Tux also rents shoes and clothing accessories in addition to tuxedos.
They have free shipping and returns and will give a credit if you need a local tailor for simple alterations.
Best for: Every man that needs to rent a tuxedo or clothing accessories.
Menguin — Best Features
Menguin will send swatches to your door for free.
Their web site allows customers to pick a suit and customize it.
Best for: Anyone that needs a suit or tuxedo and the ability to customize it.
Men's Wearhouse — Best Features
Men's Wearhouse offers 30% off when you join their Perfect Fit club.
Men's Wearhouse offers 21 different looks.
Best for: Men that would like name brand tuxedos and suits to rent.
Generation Tux — Best Features
Generation Tux is owned by Men’s Wearhouse founder, George Zimmer.
Customers can shop by category or choose from over 70 pre-styled looks.
Best for: Men that would like to rent a suit for a standard price of $110.

The Black Tux

The Black Tux rents tuxedos and clothing for special events, proms and weddings. They not only rent tuxedos, but also the following clothing items and accessories:

  • Complete outfits
  • Tuxedos and shirts
  • Shirts and vests
  • Cufflinks and studs
  • Neckwear
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Collaborations

How The Black Tux Works

Renting a tuxedo and clothing accessories from The Black Tux is easy using the following steps:

  • Select a style: Customers can choose from one of their stylist approved looks for great and ready to go outfit, or you can build your custom look from scratch.
  • Measure online: The Black Tux offers three options to submit your measurements and a very helpful page to get you the right measurements. Customers can enter sizes directly, measure yourself or use a tailor to get your exact measurements.
  • Fit specialist: Since measuring is the hardest part, they offer a fit specialist that can help you with the right fit using your body type and their proprietary fit algorithm.
  • Try it on: The Black Tux will ship your tuxedo and clothing accessories 7 days before your event. This means you can try it on and see how it looks in advance. If something doesn’t fit just right, customers can call them and one of their fit specialists with fix it right away.
  • Return you tuxedo rental: After your special event, just place the return label on the original shipping box.

The Black Tux Features

  • The Black Tux offers free shipping both ways.
  • A guarantee that your tuxedo will fit.
  • Replacement items can be sent within 48 hours if you need a different fit.
  • The Black Tux will credit your account with $15 if the sleeve or pants length is a little off and you have a local tailor make the adjustments.

The Black Tux Sizes

The Black Tux offers tuxedos in the following size options:

  • Jacket chests: 34-58 (even only)
  • Pant waists: 28-52 (even only)
  • Shirt necks: 14-20 (full sizes only)
  • Shirt sleeves: 32-33 to 36-37
  • Shoes: 6-13 (full sizes only)

The Black Tux Prices

  • Gray suit costs $110
  • Midnight blue tuxedo costs $120
  • Notched lapel tuxedo costs $95
  • Complete outfits start at $155


Menguin rents tuxedos and suits for all types of events. Their website offers many different styles of tuxedos and suits for men that you can customize with accessories from shoes to neckwear.

How Menguin Works

Menguin has a couple of steps to help customers select the best tuxedo, suits and accessories:

  • Build your tux style: Customers can customize the tuxedo or suit along with accessories online.
  • Get fitted online: Menguin gives customers two choices to get their tuxedo fit properly. You can take your tailor fit card and get your measurements by a local tailor. The second choice is they can walk you through how to find your measurements.
  • Quick shipping: They will ship your tuxedo or suit 10-12 days before your event. Try it on within 24 hours and if something doesn’t fit right, they will send a replacement right away.
  • Wear it and return it: Menguin makes it easy to return your rental tuxedo or suit. Once you are done with your special event, put the return label on the box and drop it off at the local UPS.

Menguin Prices

Customers can easily view each suit or tuxedo with the prices listed including the following examples:

  • The Zurich costs $119
  • The Roma costs $109
  • The Milan costs $119
  • The Vienna costs $89

Menguin Features

  • Menguin will send swatches to your door for free.
  • Will send your rental tuxedo or suit 10-12 days before the special event.
  • Easy returns.

Men's Wearhouse

Men's Wearhouse is a well known clothing store for men that also have tuxedos and suits for rent, plus clothing accessories. In addition to their online store, they also have over 700 retail stores throughout the United States.

How Men's Wearhouse Works

  • Find your style: Customers can start with a pre-styled package and continue from there and then customize to style your own unique character.
  • Get measured: You can visit a pro at one of their stores or follow their videos and get measured by answers a few questions.
  • Place your order:  Customers can have their rental tuxedos and suits shipped free to your home or one of their 700 retail stores.
  • Online and store: You can start your order online and finish everything at one of their stores.
  • Return the rental: Men's Wearhouse makes it easy to return the rental tuxedo after the special event.

Men's Wearhouse Prices

Men's Wearhouse offers 21 different looks with the following prices:

  • BLACK by Vera Wang black notch lapel current for a price of $199.99.
  • Joseph Abboud navy satin edged notch lapel for $199.99.
  • Calvin Klein sating edged notch lapel for $159.99.
  • Pronto Uomo gray notch lapel suit for $147.49.

Generation Tux

Generation Tux is a George Zimmer company, the founder of The Men’s Wearhouse. They carry all types of tuxedos, suits and clothing accessories that include:

How Generation Tux Works

Renting a tuxedo or suit at Generation Tux is easy following these four steps:

  • Organize your event: To begin, enter in your event you will be attending and get registered.
  • Create your looks: Customers can choose from pre-styled looks or create your own unique look. Customers can shop by category or choose from over 70 pre-styled looks.
  • Get measured: Using their online video tutorials, customers can get accurate measurements.
  • Receive your rental tuxedo: After following these simple steps, customers will get their outfit 7 days before the big event with 3 days to return, which gives customers plenty of time to return if adjustments are needed.
  • Shipping is free both ways.

Generation Tux Prices

Generation Tux has the following prices for their rental tuxedos:

  • Black notch lapel tux for $110
  • Light gray notch lapel tux for $110

In fact all of their rental prices are $110 for suits and tuxedos like iron gray peak lapel suit and the charcoal notch lapel suit.

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